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    The annual gathering of the Alpini Regiment is particularly special for us this year because it’s held in Treviso, the provincial capital of the area where we live and work. Over the last few weeks all our local roads have been adorned with 50,000 Italian flags and are now ablaze with green, white and red, awaiting the arrival of up to half a million Alpini from all over the world.

    The Alpini occupy a very special place in the hearts of the Italian people and that’s why we are so ready to decorate our houses and businesses with the Italian flag to welcome them. We’re keen to show our immense affection and respect for them and celebrate with them. Our feelings only grow when we realise that we are all Alpini united by a thin red line that binds us every day to the men and women of this alpine regiment, famous for their sense of duty, readiness to help, for their shared beliefs and aims, for their extraordinary organisational skills and tireless dedication to their identity, their work, their families and their country.

    So long live the Alpini, long live Italy and long live Italian made products